The Suresmile Difference

In any orthodontic treatment, regardless of what type of braces are utilized, the essence of a high-quality outcome relies on the orthodontist’s ability to precisely position the teeth in an ideal alignment and coordinated fit. This challenging task has historically been undertaken by the orthodontist manually manipulating orthodontic archwires (i.e. bending) and/or changing the positions of the braces on the teeth. This process is an inexact science and is the most time consuming aspect of a patient’s care.

SureSmile® changes everything. Through advanced 3-D imaging, a computerized model of the patient’s teeth and bite is constructed. The orthodontist can then precisely position the teeth using high-tech interactive software. Utilization of this software allows the orthodontist to view & modify the positions and fit of the teeth in a way never before possible. Once the teeth are placed into their final positions by the orthodontist, a robot in Dallas, Texas, will custom bend a memory archwire to precisely move the teeth to their intended positions. These robotically engineered custom wires, for the first time in the history of orthodontics, allow precise & custom tooth movement for each individual tooth! It is important to note that these wires are not moving the teeth at a greater rate of speed, but simply with more precision. Using the SureSmile® technology, we are able to reduce our patients’ overall treatment time by approximately 40%.  The ability to achieve the highest quality of care in the shortest amount of time is a truly enjoyable experience for all!

Dr. Rosenzweig & staff completed their Suresmile training in 2007 and were among the first 90 orthodontic offices worldwide to achieve certification.

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