What is Invisalign & Am I a Candidate?

Invisalign is an orthodontic technique that involves moving teeth with a series of clear retainer/tray type appliances, i.e. no braces & wires. Although this product is heavily marketed as applicable & effective for all patients, there is simply more to the story.

As an Invisalign “Preferred Provider” and as the most experienced Invisalign practitioner in Central Oregon, I can tell you that Invisalign is a very limited appliance. The ideal candidate would be a patient with an ideal relationship of the back teeth and minor misalignment of the front teeth.  These patients can be treated comfortably and effectively with Invisalign. For everyone else, a higher quality outcome would be achieved by using braces. The detailed tooth movements, i.e. the little things, that are necessary to achieve a high quality orthodontic treatment outcome are much more effectively achieved by using braces. These same movements are often not possible at all with Invisalign because it is unable to offer that degree of control.

As the orthodontic profession has realized the limitations of Invisalign, practitioners have become increasingly selective as to when to offer this technique as a treatment option.  In my practice, I enjoy educating patients on the detailed nature of their orthodontic needs and on the pros & cons of different treatment options. When considering Invisalign, it important for patients to clearly understand the limitations involved and it is important for dental care providers to detail these limitations to the patients.

For the patients that truly are candidates for Invisalign treatment, it is an exciting & comfortable means of providing orthodontic care!

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